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That way we can still be together as a family and we both can have the fulfilling sex lives we want. The Best of Her The author of this reddit thread is feeling the sharp end of that Hypergamic equation. As the technology to record this becomes more ubiquitous, more permanent and fluid in its use, as men become more interconnected by it, and as women enjoy more self-affirmation from it, rationalizing her past indiscretions becomes more of an imperative. One of the reasons I, and most of the manosphere, receive so much scorn from plugged-in, feminine primary society is that we risk to expose this process.

There is certainly more aspects to this fidelity, secure attachment, etc.

Our author has no other rationalizations to fall back on, denial of his conditions are no longer sufficient, and he begins to realize a cruel red pill truth — you srx negotiate genuine desire. He wants her to want him, he wants her to desire sex with him fir the same verve and enthusiasm she did with other men in her videos. He wants her sexual best, but her 7 years of unwillingness to give him that while enjoying the benefits of his provisioning, his patience, love and perseverance only puts her strategy, the Hypergamic strategy, into perfect focus.

Her genuine desire, her sexual best was never intended for him in the first place. It says take two a day with a half empty glass of water. And how do you feel about that? I have to say the teachers strike was well organised and expertly done. The man who invented anagrams has died. May he create penis.

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Fancy a change when having a wank? Simply soak your hand in the bath for half an hour and pretend your nan is doing it for you. If you want to get an idea what everyone in North Korea being forced to have the same haircut will be like, visit Shoreditch. My grandfather was a WW2 spy. He gained vital intelligence by disguising himself as a Christmas tree at a SS function. My mate hung himself in a modern art gallery. It was three weeks before anyone noticed. I went for a job interview yesterday.

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