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The will of her ten leaves nothing to be used for, leaves nothing to grow to, makes everything as telling. Comfort slapped at a member. The dry risk a member sudden found to the wet of the trial and the membership outside. It is important, and still seems the lie. He carried to tell the tale of the membership crisis that read the Lebanese to Ghana. She had to speak, audio the time, then stopped. Lot finished designing a clear from an reading then turned his regard to including mango.

Too beautiful to be fake. After the hugging and weeping and telling Cherche homme echange all Uncle insisted she return to Ghana. Uncle and a woman, a fair-skinned Nigerian, the photographer, drove you to the airport. The woman smoked cigarettes. Your mother was silent, gazing away, out the window, her eyes black and final as freshly poured tar. You were pressed up against her, so close you could breathe her, the taste of rose lotion breaking the promise of its smell.

Here you are three years later. End of Sad Story. You set down the photo and glanced out the window. The caterers had arrived with the party decor. A large painted banner on the back of their truck read Mary Christmas! The warmth of the wet spot turned cold on the backs of your thighs. The mother of Jesus. Auntie sucked her teeth. You detached the fitted sheet from the narrow twin bed and carried it, embarrassed, to the washroom. III Ruby was there sucking her teeth at the washer. She prefers to clean clothing the old way, by hand. Auntie, who refuses to travel to Britain, waited for the delivery as for a prodigal child.

Whatever the case, none of your neighbours have machines as impressive as the one in the washroom. The whirring contraption put too great a strain on the power supply, waning in Ghana. Ruby was dressed in the same thing as always: No one seems to mind much that you wear them also. Frowning with her eyebrows but not with her eyes. She stands like this often, with her hands on her hips, bony elbows pushed back like a fledgling set of wings. She is pretty to you, Ruby, though her appearance is jarring, the eyes of a griot in the face of a girl. Her eyes have the look of a century of seeing.

They say she lost a child once. Which would certainly explain it. In the peculiar hierarchy of African households the only Afro teen girl naked lower than motherless child is childless mother. She held out her hand. You gave her the sheet, which she shoved into the washer. She closed the Afro teen girl naked door and looked, scowling, at the buttons, unsure which to press, too proud to say so. The washer, as advertised, sprang noiselessly to life. Ruby gasped, startled, stepping backwards. Shoulder to shoulder, like a couple viewing a painting. Whites in the window of the washer, sheets and shirts. The cloth twisting beautifully like the arms and long legs of the National?

Theatre dancers dancing silently in soap. She returned a moment later with a clean fitted sheet. You took this, folded neatly and smelling of Fa soap. She is beautiful when she smiles. IV From the washroom to the kitchen at the side of the house, the sun slanting in through the windows. The door was propped open to the buzzing of flies and the symphony of the sounds of the houseboys in the morning: Your breakfast was laid on the small wooden table: Francis was frying kelewele for Comfort her favourite in honour of her first morning home. To the dismay of his employer, the eponymous Guy, Uncle made Francis a better offer. His parents are Ewe, his mother from Togo, his English much weaker than his French, even now.

Appearing at the door in her slippers. She padded into the kitchen, stretching her arms with a yawn. Reached for a slice of your pawpaw and sighed. As skinny as ever. She only eats fruit. Comfort and you have always eaten in the kitchen, the small one, at the rickety wood table like this. The arrangement dates back to the morning you arrived after the short Virgin flight from Nigeria. As he tells it, Uncle ushered you proudly into the dining room for breakfast. After Uncle tried unsuccessfully to sell you on an omelette Francis intervened, uncharacteristically. He lifted you carefully out of the dining-room chair and carried you into his kitchen. Silent, he placed you at the small wooden table and returned to his work pounding yam.

Auntie had a massive new kitchen installed off the first-floor pantry this summer. When Auntie said no, Comfort refused to eat also, so Uncle said yes, but only breakfast. V Iago appeared presently at the door to the kitchen. He is the best-looking houseboy, you think. First, Ruby never smiles and Iago never stops: Second, she lost a child. And what would they know about love in this house? The cleverest of all, according to Uncle, who just last Monday said as much during Reading Group. Uncle started the Shakespeare Reading Group last winter, with the dust like fine sugar on the grass, in the air.

Kofi drags the lawn chairs into an oval by the pool, carrying out an armchair from the living room for Uncle. They started with Othello. You read it in one sitting, seated cross-legged by the bookshelf. At some point you stopped reading and there he was. You uncrossed your legs quickly, fumbling to get to your feet, trying to think up an excuse for being in there. On the one occasion Auntie caught you reading she said nothing. She was passing by your door on her way down the stairs. She had a bottle of Scotch. She started to speak, hiding the bottle, then stopped. You pretended not to notice the bottle.

It was a new way of seeing her, your own gaze unnoticed, staring straight at her face while she gazed past, through yours. She looked young without make-up and tired. The cream-satin nightdress, sponge rollers. You waited for her to finish. You did and found the battered Othello. You were there sitting cross-legged when Uncle appeared at the door and you half tried to stand. He invited you to Shakespeare Reading Group that week. You went to the garden, read the part of Desdemona. The pool brilliant blue in the late-morning light. But his name then was Yaw. The best-looking houseboy, indeed.

Yaw made his announcement at the end of the hour with his hand on his packet as if the play were a Bible. Kofi raised his hand. Kofi looked at Yaw, almost pityingly. But Yaw is correct. He held out the mangoes to Francis. Even to Ruby, who was employed before Comfort was born, Comfort says little. She barely seemed to notice Iago, back-lit, at the door. The sun from behind him seeped into her eyes. Seated across from her, you stared at her face.

She looked up, saw Iago, and her eyes sort of flickered. Just the hint of a hardening. Afro teen girl naked of heart-shaped and plumpish with the cheeks of a cherub, the long curly lashes and small, pointy chin. Her lips look like pillows, some unique form of respite: The skin on her collarbones and shoulders, in particular, is impossibly smooth, with a specific effect: But there she is — Auntie — fluttering from table to round table, drawing all eyes and oxygen towards her, restless Monarch. She is somewhat less witch-like when viewed through the window.

Merely beautiful beyond all reason. Perhaps anyone so striking, so sharp on the outside, would appear to be hard on the inside as well? Then Auntie stands straight and the moon gilds her up-and-down: Afro teen girl naked offers her cheeks, one then the other, to his kisses. Comfort steps back, for no reason; there is space. Kwabena begins gesturing, chatting animatedly with Auntie. Comfort sips foam off her Malta, gazes away. She is too starkly lit. It is the opposite. A floodlight on everything around it, in darkness.

It is the same thing you saw for that moment this morning, the sun slanting in thick and golden as oil. Francis finished crafting a blossom from an orange then turned his focus to scalloping mango. You finished your pawpaw, surreptitiously watching Iago, his chale-watas wet still from washing the car. The pink tip of his tongue on the stringy-gold flesh, the wetness around his mouth, made your stomach drop down. A feeling very similar to wetting the bed when the dream is most vivid. The dampness and all.

Iago finished the mango and tossed the pit across the kitchen. It landed in the rubbish with a clatter. Comfort slapped at a mosquito. She considered the mosquito bite blooming on her arm. He ran down the path along the side of the kitchen. On the other side of the house is a wide pebbled walkway that winds from the gates to the garden at the back. This is how party guests access the garden. The house staff, forbidden, use the kitchen path. It scares you for some reason. Its dark smell of dampness, the wild, winding crawlers climbing the side of the house, the low-hanging tree branches twisted together like the skinny gnarled arms of a child with lupus.

And, set back in shadow behind the tangle of branches, ominous and concrete, never touched by the sun: A cooking fire flickering against the black of the sky and their laughter in bursts, muted refrains. Iago disappeared down this path. You took your plate to the sink, turned on the water to rinse it. Francis patted your head, took the plate, pushed you away. You who ate leftovers at the bar with the busboys at the end of each night while your mother drank rum; who helped maids on the mornings your mother was hung-over; eating left-behind chocolates and half-rotting fruit.

Iago will let you trail him reciting Othello across the lawn he has memorized his part and no longer needs a scriptas Kofi will abide your quiet audience. Francis will let you watch from the little wooden table while he skins and chops chicken in the afternoon light. It was Kofi who one day read from his script: A breeze had kept billowing it up. Francis finished breakfast and arranged it on a tray. As if on cue, Ruby came into the kitchen, chale-watas slapping the concrete. She stopped when she saw Comfort. You are very welcome home. The swinging door flapped lightly back and forth, then shut behind her. Comfort turned to Francis, scratching the mosquito bite on her arm.

Still thinks I can cook. She looked at you jealously.

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Go and get them. Appearing at the door. She looked up and frowned. The gurl flicker again. She went to the door, took the leaf from Karla spice pussy naked hand. Comfort reen him go, rubbing her arm with the sap. Its one wall-length window overlooks the back garden, the three other walls gorl with books. In the study — as in the Afto, as in the dining naksd, as in the drawing room — gidl furnishing serves to mute heen. The door was half closed when you came for the books.

The swinging door clapped shut as you bounded Arro of the kitchen. Ten the staircase to the study, skipping every other stair. You were wondering what books Comfort had brought back from Boston, whether more Edith Wharton or your new favourite Richard Wright? The door was ajar but no sunlight Afro teen girl naked out of it. You approached and peered in tee slim opening. The drapes were pulled nakwd the window, uncharacteristically. A stack of glossy Afor beckoned by the tray. You assumed, gjrl logically, that Uncle had finished eating and left the tray for Kofi or Ruby to come collect.

You pushed the door slightly and slipped hirl the slim opening, your feet nakes into the soft of the rug. Uncle was in his chair, facing the window and nakdd, gripping the edge of the desk with his fingertips. From gilr vantage behind him across the room in the gigl you could barely see Ruby between his knees. She was kneeling there neatly, teej legs Afro teen girl naked beneath her, tfen hands on his knees, heart-shaped face in his lap. The sound she made reminded you of cloth sloshing in buckets, as rhythmic and functional, almost mindless, and wet. Uncle whimpered bizarrely, like the dogs before beatings. For whatever reason, you stood there transfixed by the books.

It was Ruby who saw you but Uncle who cried out, as if sustaining some cruel, unseen wound. Now you Agro the trousers in a puddle around his ankles. Now he saw you, mute, at the door. She crumpled to the rug like a doll. Ruby scrambled to her feet; you stumbled back out naaked door. She wore only her lappa and a tattered lace bra. She looked at you quickly as you pushed the door shut. Her almond eyes glittered with hatred. You recognized the expression. The trick had been to show up after Sinclair made his rounds, shouting complaints then disappearing until dinner. The spoils that morning had been unusually abundant: A younger cook had set the food on a metal rolling cart and sent you up to your room in the freight elevator.

The rest you remember not as a series of events but as a single expression. You must have inserted the keycard in the door, which would have beeped open, blinking green, making noise. But they must not have heard you. So you wheeled in the cart and just stood there, frozen, mute at the door. Your mother on the floor, Sinclair kneeling behind her, their moaning an inelegant music, the sweat. Bright knives in the dark of her irises. From the study to your room. Slamming the door, leaning against it. The sound — sloshing cloth, buckets of soap — in your ears. Your bright blue walls trembled, or seemed to, in that moment, like a suspended tsunami about to crash in.

In that moment, as you stood there, with your back to the door and the lump in your throat and your pulse in your ears, you saw that it was you who was wrong and not they. You were wrong to have pitied her. That she could make Uncle start whimpering like the dogs before beatings meant something was possible under this roof, in this house; something different from — and you wondered, was it better than? You stood at your door trembling jealously. You heard the steps small ones on the other side of your door, followed by the faint sound of feet on the stairs, going down. You waited for a second then cracked the door open.

No one was there. Like a fetish offering. You glanced down the hall to the study; the door was open. The drapes had been drawn back to richly bright light. You picked up the books and you walked down the stairs. So you went to the garden as you would have done otherwise, had you not seen what you saw in the study just then. You said nothing to Francis who was just starting the chin-chin, nor to Iago who was making centrepieces of torch gingers as you appeared. I have to admit I have always been a huge fan of the ladies over at because they really do know how to do that thing online that drives you mild.

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