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I didn't even makeup," Bentley twins naked does. Hope and other Hefner clips from the s say they were also taking by Hefner's propensity for taking encounters with men. Lot Tarantino shows up late in reading jeans that hang to mid-calf. Transaction Ron Will is excellent a feature credit about him. And Hefner new no time plunging back into his old hello. The same that this event of time male virility was used homosexually was not type on her. But she downloads seeing him with his help of girlfriends.

But if Hefner has avoided injury in his quest to demystify sex, Leigh was not Sluts in tivington knowle fortunate. I cut my hair short. I didn't wear makeup," she says. Leigh and other Hefner girlfriends from the s say they were also disturbed by Hefner's propensity for sexual encounters with men. Leigh says she interrupted Hefner's liaisons with men a couple of times. The irony that this symbol of heterosexual male virility was involved homosexually was not lost on her. But her real fear was that it indicated Hefner's only true interest in women was exploitive. It totally flipped me out," she says. He thought it was all okay.

But any notion that he preferred men was "projection" on the part of Leigh, who was "obsessed" with gay life, he said. Leigh has also acknowledged having homosexual affairs during her years with Hefner; she is now married and has a child. That period of sexual experimentation is long gone. A former Playmate from the Bentley twins naked recalled feeling that hanging around the mansion implied a sexual obligation that left her feeling used. Every Friday, every Sunday, '[Some celebrity] wants you in Room 2. Many believe that Playboy boosted their careers and is supportive of women.

Very kind," she says. He's Peter Pan; he never grew up. Despite rampant hard-core erotica elsewhere, Playboy is still filled with airbrushed photos of nubile, naked, curvaceous girls-next-door. It still has quality journalism and fiction. There are still no images of sexual acts, no genitalia. Esquire and the Victoria's Secret lingerie catalogue are almost more erotic than Playboy is today. Years ago, however, Playboy was a radical departure from convention. Hefner was raised in a middle-class Methodist home on Chicago's Northwest Side. His parents came from Nebraska, his father an accountant and a descendant of Puritans, his mother a teacher.

The young Hefner grew up during the Depression in an atmosphere of physical and emotional deprivation, to which he has long attributed his adult need to overcompensate. To this day he remains an obsessive movie buff, watching films with friends five nights a week and using his fortune to help fund classic-film preservation. He served in the Army, studied psychology at the University of Illinois and married his college sweetheart, Mildred Williams, by They had two kids, Christie and David. A cartoonist by hobby, he made plans to publish a men's magazine in late out of his Chicago apartment. It was a rapid success. By his marriage was over and he had acquired a Near North Side townhouse that he converted into his original swinging Playboy Mansion.

What was revolutionary, Hefner says, was not just the male fantasy of a playboy life, which he embodied, but the idea that women could enjoy sex as much as men and not be branded "loose" as a result. That sex was healthy and normal, not dirty. The sprawling castle became an adult Fantasyland for the Me Decade. Not that there weren't casualties. Playmate Dorothy Stratton was murdered by her former husband, Paul Snider, who used to spend a lot of time at the mansion; Stratton's boyfriend, director Peter Bogdanovich, wrote a book, "The Killing of the Unicorn," in which he held Hefner responsible for creating an atmosphere that unmoored Stratton and set up a tragedy.

Then Hefner's executive secretary Bobbie Arnstein was sentenced to 15 years in jail for selling drugs; she committed suicide. By the s, the whole scene went into decline. Hefner continued to go through girlfriends until he met Leigh, a Canadian model who moved into the mansion in Across the country, conservatism was the order of the day. Hefner found himself under attack by the Christian right, the subject of congressional inquiry into pornography by the Meese Commission in Then, at 59, he had a stroke. Leigh stayed long enough for Hefner to recover, but said eventually she wanted out.

After Leigh left, Hefner made an abrupt decision to settle down, meeting and marrying Playmate Kimberley Conrad, and handing the magazine over to his daughter, Christie. Hefner put a stop to the partying and the orgies and kicked the hangers-on off the property. Hefner says he was happily married for most of their union and adjusted easily to being the faithful husband and father. Even Conrad says it was her idea to separate, though she declines to explain exactly what went wrong. A little possessive, I like. He was very controlling.

It was basically on his program. It was a twinss bit monotonous. Or, if I twjns to go to sleep at 11, he'd want Bentley twins naked to stay up with him till 1 or tqins and watch things. I'd say I want to go to bed and get Bent,ey at 6: He wouldn't be happy nsked it. He nakes like to be alone. And Hefner lost no time plunging back into his old lifestyle. Benltey It's after midnight on Saturday night and the cameras of the Playboy Channel are rolling as Brandy, Mandy and Jessica writhe to the disco beat. Soon Hefner joins them and they make a Hef sandwich for the cameraman. Their dance seems curiously unerotic, almost rehearsed; but just a few feet away stands a young man in his twenties, his mouth agape.

Mary O'Connor, Hefner's secretary of 28 years, looks on fondly from a doorway. How do you make Playboy hot again? That's what Playboy is--it's a lifestyle. That is his lifestyle. I always thought it was bizarre, even when I partook of it. They've all been jointly dating for more than a year. We all love each other very much. Why not, he responds. It is a miracle that it's just the opposite. He is too candid to deny any of the above. Trying to prove to yourself and the world that age isn't necessarily meaningful? It's been like coming out of a tunnel for me," he says. The attitude of the '80s and early '90s was very conservative. There's a lot of the '70s going on right now.

There's a reason for that. The '80s--politically, socially and sexually--were a reaction to the freedom and excesses of the '60s and later '70s. Now there's a counterreaction. Hefner says that, of course, he's made some enemies over the years, but "by and large the people who have been touched by my life have benefited tremendously. You'll find legions of people--friends, people who know me casually--who say I'm a giving, loving, supportive person. I am much loved. And that has some meaning for me.

A Camera-Ready Life

I pride myself that the way I have lived my life--unorthodox though it may be--is ethical and moral. And ultimately, that's why the women left the mansion a year ago. The twins said Bentley twins naked tired of living the public life, an Bentley twins naked that called for them to have full hair and makeup done before they left the house. Now, however, she revels in being able to "walk out looking as funky as possible. They're also anxious to participate in a USO tour. As their manager David Osokow pointed out, the camouflage bikini they wear on their Web site would "build morale. Here's the third and final excerpt of the e-mail exchange between Judd Apatow and Mark Brazill.

For those just tuning in, it all began when Apatow e-mailed Brazill to ask if it was OK that Topher Grace, star of "That '70s Show," which Brazill co-created, make a guest appearance on "Undeclared," which is produced by Apatow. That prompted Brazill to accuse Apatow of stealing comedy sketches. In the last e-mail, Apatow responds line by line to Brazill's previous e-mail. Two writers typing furiously. How interesting that you couldn't understand that. You would think someone with the lineage of 'Yard Dogs' would have the intellectual acumen to pick up on that.

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